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"But Helene why didn’t I know that?"

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Womb Relationships

"Why didn’t I know that?" - that is the shocked response I’ve had from mothers of all ages, time and time again over my years as a practitioner. Why? Well here’s what I’d just told them….

The first 1001 days (from conception to aged 24 months) is a critical time in the emotional development of a child. At a time where they have little to no verbal communication they are establishing their beliefs, habits and principles, based on YOU - their mother.

The start and the heart of this, is our first and most important relationship, our womb relationship.

How we come into that relationship, however we are conceived and how we experience those nine months entirely through our mother’s thoughts, feelings, experiences, environment and health form the blueprint of how we perform in relationships for the rest of our life.

If a prenatal mother is experiencing states of continued stress, anxiety or poor emotional wellbeing, so will her preborn child.

And which environment most influences your maternity experience? Where your womb relationship develops five days a week?

Yes, your work environment. Quite simply it’s where you spend most of your pregnancy.

How do I help?

I help you and your baby to have the best possible relationship, from day one.

For you to have a wonderfully confident and attached maternity experience together.

I help you feel deeply connected to your own knowing and innate understanding of your child’s developing personality, language and needs and I help them to know that they can trust in your knowing, even before they have words to tell you themselves.

To set you up together, for life.

Early Years

Here is when we cement the strongly attached relationship you’ve already been building. Don’t worry if that hasn’t happened yet, you’ve been through the delivery journey and sometimes settling together can take a little time, it’s never too late.

I’ve even worked with mother’s of adult children on reconciling early trauma from difficult deliveries and it truly still makes a difference to their relationship even then.

What is most important, is that through developing good communication and strongly attached relationships, we can challenge the cultural stereotype that “parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have”.

It really doesn’t need to be this way. Click here to see a selection of early years videos with great tips and tools for deepening your understanding of your child and your developing relationship together.

There are lots of simple techniques that build on your own innate knowledge, because after all you were once a baby too and you know how that feels.

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Did you know?

Bonding and Attachment is often described interchangeably but they aren’t the same thing.

Bonding is experienced by a mother for her child, normally at or after birth; whereas attachment is experienced by a child for her mother or other caregiver and begins at any time.

Secure attachment means that your child trusts that you are present for them and that you understand and can deliver their needs.

In other words – adults bond and babies attach.
It’s possible to see both, either, or neither in any Mother & Baby relationship.

What others say:

“Helene is truly the original baby whisperer! She connects with your little one in a way which is fabulous to watch. Helene helped me understand my daughter at an age when it’s very difficult to understand her different cries.  I can’t sing her praises any higher. Helene is a magical lady with a magical touch.”

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