Helene Moore


Who Am I?

A Therapist and passionate advocate for secure mother and baby attachment.

What do I stand for?

Your first and most important; your prenatal or womb relationship.

Why am I passionate?

Your baby’s earliest relationships, effortless or challenged; are her blueprint for her relationships for life.

What do I know?

That you can, truly, 'know' your little one. We were once a baby too.  

About Me

Hi, I'm Helene

A Pre & Perinatal Infant-Parent Communication Practitioner, Early Years Emotional Development Practitioner, Matrescence and Transformation Educator, Bio-dynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Maternity Consultant.

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How are you experiencing your maternity? What is your baby learning today?
YOU are her first school.

Have you noticed that your habits are often your mother’s habits?

That’s because it begins at the beginning. Every day your prenatal baby is collecting experiences, your experiences and making them her own. YOU are her first school.

baby laying on mother

Mama & Me

Womb and Early Years Relationships 

As a mother-to-be we learn so much about how our baby develops physically.

What about emotionally?

What can they sense but not yet make sense of?

What puzzles can your maternity experience solve for your relationship together into the future?

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Do you know that your pre-born baby is forming her own behaviours based on your
every day!

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Career to Cradle

Maternity Leave Ultra Experiences

For Her: One of a kind personalised support packages, especially designed for Matrescents transitioning from career to cradle and back again, who want the best of both work and motherhood and simply won't compromise on either. 

For You: We know that what you want  is to nurture your senior female talent and support her and her new family through maternity leave.

But, we also know that what you need,  is for her to have the opportunity to be able to return confidently and effectively from day one...
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